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SC MoveAlongCurve

i have a problem using the SmartComponent MoveAlongCurve.
First of all, I don't find this SC in the user manual of the software. Where can i find the information?
I tried to use it, in particular by importing a curve drawn in autocad; but there are some problem: when i start the SC the object move on the profile with the same sequence as it was drawn in autocad. Sometimes ( after i have drawn with the correct sequence in autocad) the direction of the arcs or circumferences are wrong.
How can i solve this problem? How can i decide the sequence of the movement?
do i have to export the cad in some particular format?
Thanks to all,


  • Hello there,

    I don't think the default iteration of the MoveAlongCurve supports the functionality that you are asking for. You could create your own version of the MAC-SC with additonal functionality, such as a selection of start and endpoints etc.

    Best regards,

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer