Teach Pendant Login/UAS rapid instructions

Hello all, I am trying to figure out a way to auto log off a teach pendant after x amount of time. We have some operators that like to follow behind qualified techs and press things on a teach pendant after the tech forgets to log out of the teach pendant.

ABB has assured me this is not possible for whatever reason. The thing is though, our PLC is able to change recipes to the robot by logging in and out of the robot using what i believe is called "RAB" with full access admin writes. You can actually see the login and log out happen in the event log for the admin user. So I am not so sure I believe what they are telling me. 

My question then if it isn't possible, is there a way to read event codes with rapid instructions ? This way I can read which user is currently active and if the correct user is not logged in depending on the position of the key switch I can throw a fault of some kind or create a motor off condition. Or maybe is there a way to tie an output to a specific event code ? 

I am really trying to avoid stuffing teach pendants in a plexi glass box with a key on it to stop people who should not be touching pendants. I find it very odd that ABB has no means of logging off users from a teach pendant automatically.



  • j_proulxFB
    j_proulxFB Watertown, WI USA
    There is an Application Grant in UAS that logs off the user when switching from Manual to Auto.

    Application grants

    Access to the ABB menu on FlexPendant
    Value true gives access to the ABB menu on the FlexPendant.
    This is the default value if a user does not have the
    Value false means that the user cannot access the ABB
    menu when the controller is in Auto mode.
    The grant has no effect in Manual mode.

    Log off FlexPendant user when switching to Auto mode
    A user having this grant is automatically logged off from the FlexPendant when switching from Manual mode to Auto mode.