Tool load when exchanging end effector

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I have IRB1600 with exchangeable end effectors (welding heads). To move to and from tool magazine I'm using MoveL command with tool ConnectingFlange( TCP [0,0,34.5]). It's beneficial in two ways, robtargets are same for all tools and I can reorient robot around ConnectingFlange TCP.

Problem is, that tooldata of ConnectingFlange is not matching weight and cog of the real tool, which is connect to the robot.

Should I add Total load [ \TLoad ] parameter to move instruction or what is proper way to do this?


  • graemepaulin
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    Use Gripload to add the required load.
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    Is there any difference between Gripload and TLoad parameter?

    According to manual, if I want to use TLoad, ModalPayLoadMode have to be set to 0, but what ModalPayLoadMode actually does?
  • TLoad set the total load, and discard the loaddata in the mandatory tooldata.

    GripLoad adds the load to the current tool.

    From the manual: ModalPayLoadMode defines whether or not ModalPayLoadMode shall be used. When ModalPayLoadMode is used, any payload is set by the GripLoad instruction. When ModalPayLoadMode is not used, the optional argument TLoad is used for setting payload.

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    GripLoad   Mass, CoG and inertia of the payload is referenced from the active TCP. TCP coordinate system.

    TLoad       Mass, CoG and inertia of the total payload and gripper are referenced in relation to the flange. Wrist Coordinate system. 

    If you have tool exchanger it is easier to calculate the single Gripper & payload data from the wrist using TLoad rather than trying to calculate Gripper & payload data in relation to the active tcp at the moment.

    Note that with the latest RobotWare there is a parameter that will allow the robot to have GripLoad in relation to the Wrist Coordinate system rather than TCP Coordinents
    Controller/General Rapid / PayloadsInWristCoords. This will make GripLoad like TLoad
  • PetrB
    PetrB Czech
    Thanks guys