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edited September 2020 in RobotStudio S4

I have a small problem with the autostart on a flexpicker. 
I set the flexpicker program as 1. The the following RIS values should be e.g: 

<Commands Open="11" Close="12" Start="13" Stop="14" Status="15" />
<Commands Start="111" Pause="112" Stop="113" Status="115" PickRate="116" ResetEStop="114" />

It starts and stops as intended, but if I open the door and reset, it won't autostart unless I start and stop manually in the flexpicker program.

But, if I use e.g 35 instead of 1, it all works. Is there a bug or not possible to use just one digit?

<Commands Open="351" Close="352" Start="353" Stop="354" Status="355" />
<Commands Start="1351" Pause="1352" Stop="1353" Status="1355" PickRate="1356" ResetEStop="1354" />

And yes, the numbers in the XML file matches the numbers in the RIS-plugin

Thanks in advance