3D Printing Powerpac stops program for no apparent reason

I will rewrite this post as I pressed enter by mistake.
We have started playing with the very neat 3DP powerpac and I have several questions:
1. Can you understand why the robot stops in my station just when its about to start welding? This seems to happen only when the process is "move". When I set the process to "Arc", it goes perfectly.
2. Previously, my controller setup was not correct (no 3DP option) so the Add In was generating files I could see, like one called Mod_3DP_1 containing a bunch of target in the form of cfidata variables. But now, it generates an encrypted file. So my question is: are we not supposed to see the type of program generated? How as a user am I supposed to check if the program does not contain weird stuff, like missing ArcL commands or what not.
3. I am wondering how the pipeline will look when we want to automate the whole process (no use of the add in, but use of direct RAPID commands to the 3DP module). Will we be able to load gcode then have the 3DP module convert and load the rapid code automatically, is it already possible and I missed some documentation, or...?