Will 50N sideway force applying to Axis-6 do any harm to robot arm?

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Hello everyone.
I am going to purchase IRB 1200 5kg/900mm robot, here is one question I would like to ask before the purchase.

As you can see in the picture above, during my future application, I will have to put a 50N force along the way in red arrow, the force will be applied on my custom tool, and will have no offset to Axis-6.
I checked the IRB 1200 load diagram in this PDF file:
On page 25-30 I have checked both "load diagram" and "Maximum load and moment of inertia for axis 5", but I can not find any information about the robot capacity to this kind of "sideway" force. 
As I can imagine, the force will go against Axis-1 rotation, and maybe a little against Axis-4 rotation.
For the rest axis (2/3/5/6), I am not sure. The force is not against axis rotation, but I think there is a limit or range for these kind of force.
Does anyone know anything about this? I don't want to damage the robot in the fure, if the force is too big for IRB 1200, I will have to consider purchasing a stronger robot arm.

Thank you very much!


  • Considering the Path Collision Detection Level is by default set to 100N, I can't imagine 50N would cause any serious damage to the machine. I don't know about IRB 1200, but with my 6700 I use a force sensor and often as much as 70N of force with no issues. 
  • dnilssondnilsson Gothenburg admin
    One thing to take into account here would be the offset from the flange. Even if 50N at the flange would work the payload that the robot can handle decreases significantly the longer you offset the center of gravity of your "tool" (or force in this case) out from the flange. You should be able to find diagrams in the product specification for the robot that could give you a pointer but for a more precise answer, you should use RobotLoad. Here's the link to download RobotLoad: https://abb-robotload.software.informer.com/download/
    Alternatively, you could always contact your local ABB office.

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