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RobotStudio WebException 401 Unauthorized - Apply Changes in Module

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Hello everybody,

I want to "Apply" some changes to a real IRC5C Controller. The first attempt after restarting the Contoller works without an error but from then, each time I try to Apply Changes i´m getting the following Exception:

The User has all required permissions for editing Rapid Code, like "Write access","Edit RAPID code".  The User does not seems to be the problem, because my Colleague can apply changes with exactly the same user on his PC and Robot Studio Instance without any error.

Maybe somebody has an idea which PC-/Firewall-/Configurationsettings could cause this error.

Thanks for a reply.


  • Have you logged in on RobotStudio as the correct user = controller tab -> Authenticate
  • Hello,

    These kinds of exceptions are generally not very informative. They should ideally be handled in the background of RobotStudio and/or be converted into something useful for the users.

    I'd recommend you to contact your local ABB with this issue (which can be considered a bug). If you choose to do so, please create a RobotStudio Report via the RobotStudio Support Tool and attach it to your request.


    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • MarkusH35
    yeah im pretty sure that i use the correct user and login method.

    Ok thank you, then i will do so.