ABB S4C+ Restore (QuickTeach) ( error12236)


I'm simulating with the QuickTeach (ABB robot simulasyon) program.I took a backup of the system.An error has occurred during the restore process.

Status 12236

Error during the restore of task write error.

12236 Restore Error

I did not change the backup file.Why does this error occur?

How can I restore?


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    You want to restore a real robot into a virtual one?
    What I suggest is to make a backup of clean virtual controller then merge with real one.
    Pay attention in backinfo.txt file with folder character "\" and "/".
    Make sure that no flp1:/ exist in it too.

  • paulfile
    paulfile abd
    edited October 2020
    not real robot, just simulation. I did not restore. I installed EIO from parameter settings. problem solved.
     grateful for your comments. Thank you :)