How to make a Robot do an overhead manoeuvre


I'm relatively new to RobotStudio, so I've come to see if anyone would be able to help me with an issue that I'm having.

I have limited the working area that the robot has to work within, and although it can do an orbital manoeuvre around the z axis, it is not desirable. So I started looking at making the robot manoeuvre overhead, although the robot can do the manoeuvre in the joint jog mode without needing to rotate around the base, it refuses to follow the desired movement during the simulation. (I've tried changing the orientation of the targets in hopes of correcting this issue, but to no avail)


Best Answer


  • Sounds like you are encountering a configuration issue, post your code so we can better understand what you are trying to achieve. 
  • Ah, so I had to change it to a joint movement instead of a linear one, I would have thought that a linear movement would have also been able to accomplish the same thing.
    Can't believe I overlooked the joint movement option hahaha.
    Thanks for the help with this.
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