egm-sensor.cs and egm.proto files seem to be out of sync

jseward Burlington, MA
I have generated the .cs file from the egm.proto and put it in a project and successfully generated my dll's but when I link that to the VS project that contains the egm-sensor.cs I am still getting errors because the converted egm.cs file does not contain "CreateBuilder()", "Builder()", "HasHeader()" and a few other methods. Is the egm-sensor.cs written for a different proto version maybe?


  • jseward
    jseward Burlington, MA
    So I just converted the egm.proto file to be supported by proto3. However, methods still are not there. Really feels like either my conversion tool is out of date somehow (using the latest I could find) or these files are very much out of sync in robotware which will be unfortunate.
  • @jseward,  have you found a solution to your problem? 
  • Thilbi
    Thilbi Germany
    I have the same problem.
    Have anybody found a solution?