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michal_piotrowski Poland
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RobotStudio crashed during work. I recieved an error as below:

As suggested I used RobotStudio Support Tool, it generated a *.zip file with logs, and... there is no any option like "Send report", so what shall I do with it? Send it to some e-mail? If so, what is the address? Attached the report to this discussion.

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  • daniel72
    daniel72 Germany
    1. Where should the .zip file be sent?
    2. What is so difficult about integrating the link into the support tool?
    3. Why does no one from ABB respond by 11/2020?

  • Maxim Riabichev
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    Hello Michal and Daniel,

    First, I agree that the error message is ambiguous. It should provide clearer instructions as to where this report should be sent, and how. I will provide this feedback to R&D.
    The report should by no means be posted here, because it contains, amongst other things, the license key which was used to activate RobotStudio. I have deleted the attached report from the original post (now that I saw it).

    Secondly, I would like to take a moment and provide clarification regarding what kind of interaction users can expect from ABB employees, in an official manner. 

    The main purpose of these forums is to provide a platform for users of ABB Robotics products through which you, from all over the world, can exchange ideas and inspire each other to find solutions for specific use cases and/or troubleshoot issues that may have arisen.

    It is also a way for the developers of ABB Robotics products to get in contact with the user base in order to receive feedback on their work and suggestions for new features.

    Finally, these forums function as an easily accessible knowledge base; A question you may have could have already been asked and answered by other users.

    With this philosophy in mind, users who are experiencing problems due to potential product defects or similar could always create a thread asking the user base for help. However, if there's a need for a response from ABB on the matter, the fastest way to get in touch with us is to reach out to the local ABB office via

    With this said, I will try to provide answers to your questions, Daniel.

    1. Where should the .zip file be sent?
    - To Michals local ABB, upon request.

    2. What is so difficult about integrating the link into the support tool?
    - Well, simply put, there is no "back-end receiver" for these reports because the route to receive support is, by design, to reach out to one's local ABB, and sometimes they will ask for this report to help troubleshoot the issue. 

    3. Why does no one from ABB respond by 11/2020?
    - I personally haven't seen this post before, it somehow got under my radar. I would like to stress the fact that there is no guarantee that ABB employees will read all posts in these user forums. Our main task is to facilitate interaction between users and to moderate the discussions. Sometimes, however, we do more.

    I'll look into speeding things up with publishing the user forum philosophy as outlined above.
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  • lemster68
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    Thank you @Maxim Riabichev.  I would like to add that I know of no other major robot manufacturer that has any equivalent forum available for their users.  Kudos to ABB.
    Lee Justice
  • Preview of the relevant windows in RS 2021.2:

    Less confusion :)

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