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Robot Linear Acceleration in Signal Analyzer

edited November 2020 in Robot Controller

1. I want to know if it is possible to log robot's "dynamic" linear acceleration using Signal analyzer online in robotstudio. I know I can log TCP velocity, However there is only an option for "maximum" linear acceleration for a move instruction.  

2. Also, the TCP velocity can be output as an analog output value using TriggSpeed. Is there a way to output robot acceleration through an analog output?

3. Is there a RAPID command to limit acceleration to a specific value? ACCSET only does % reduction, but doesn't define the "nominal" acceleration value. Is this something that controller automatically computes to reduce/optimize cycle time? 

My controller is IRC5 with robotware version 6.06 and has two DSQC 652 combi I/O modules.     


  • Can't quite answer your other questions, but for #3 you could use PathAccLim with the arguments AccMax and DecelMax to specify acceleration/deceleration along a path. There is also WorldAccLim if you wish you specify a value for the world coordinate system. It is recommended to only use one type of limitation for the acceleration, either AccSet, PathAccLim or WorldAccLim.