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Panel unit safety connection / Two channel fault

Hi, I'm having two channel fault (error #20212) issues with an IRC 5 controller running RW 5.15. The electrician connected a lockout switch to GS1, breaking the +24V signal at X5.10. When operators go in the cell, they lock the switch open, dropping out GS1. When work is completed, they unlock and close the switch, restoring GS1. When we try to restart, we get  a two channel fault, also in manual mode. All of the safety signals appear to be working right, all the status' are high on the pendant, and all of the led's are lit on the panel unit. Pressing and resetting the estops does not correct the condition. It seems we have to either warm start the controller or unplug and re-plug the panel unit X5 phoenix connector to clear the fault. Not sure what's going on here- maybe does the unit want to see both 0V and +24V sides open and close, so would we need to switch X5.8 along with X5.10? Help, please


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020
    Safety signals are two channels signals. You have to breaks the two channels in same time (GS1 and GS2).