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Hello everyone!

I'm doing my master thesis and my aim is to 3D print  basically any kind of CAD file, that is on my PC (which is connected to the IRC 5 Controller). So I know I have to slice the stl files and convert those into G-Code files. At this point I don't know how to convert G-Code into Rapid movement code ( like MoveL commands etc.....) Which way is the easiest to execute, since I'm pretty new to RobotStudio and Rapid.  Should I add more information about my system? I use Robotstudio 2019 and RobotWare 6.10.01

I'm happy about any kind of help / advice :smile:


  • Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but there is a G-Code Converter in RS Machining PowerPac
  • Perhaps the 3D-printing PowerPac could be of use for you too?

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  • Thanks, for the responses! True, I have seen the 3D-printing PowerPac. So if I insert the G-Code file into there does it create a module in the rapid section? I'm not quite sure how it works.. I believe the output is a specific 3D- PowerPac syntax in RAPID. Would it be possible to execute it on my system? 
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    As far as I am aware the output will in "standard" RAPID code, so you should be able to run it on your system
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    That sounds great! I have to test it the other day. If I go through the 3D-printing Add-In manual, there is a 3DP RobotWare Add-In mentioned that has to be installed to run it smoothly. After sucsessfully installing it, a new category on a Flexpendat shows up and provides new options for path trajectories. But after looking for "3DP RobotWare Add-In" on the web, I couldn't find anything related to that and how you  actually install it on the Flexpendant.

  • graemepaulin
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    Sorry I was referring to the machining PowerPac G-code convertor.
    The 3D printing requires a RobotWare option in the controller....
  • That is also a good idea! I have to try it out. How do I setup the RobotWare option in the controller , because the 3D printing Add-In looks quite interesting :smiley:
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    Please note that as of the end of 2020 RobotStudio and its PowerPacs revert to paid licenses, so you may need to pay for the PowerPac.
    I am not sure about 3DP but normally you pay for the option license then then using the installation manager in RobotStudio you load the license into the RobotWare system.
    A virtual controller with a virtual license will allow you to add all options free, but not the real controller.
  • Ohh! I see.. but is there any source how I install the 3DP RobotWare on the real Controller somewhere? Maybe I have to ask the ABB support team in my country. About the CAM Converter:
    It kinda works and I get some modules as an output if I convert my G-code file, but if I click on the Rapid tab and open the dropdown to select 'add modules' , those modules will be loaded in, but still with some syntax issues.