RW7 doesent work wit 2020.0

try to set up a solution with RW7.04 and IRB 1100 bu I inly get this error messages
Exception: VCInstaller.exe :Installation request.
args -sn IRB_1100_4kg_0.47m_1 -sd C:\Users\SEERSTE2\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpA30C.tmp\IRB_1100_4kg_0.47m_1 -pp C:\Users\SEERSTE2\Documents\RobotStudio\Solutions\Solution42\Virtual Controllers
Failed to read envvar PRODUCTS_ROOTe:\agents\4\_work\15\s\libcontrollermanager\1.0.x\tracelogger\traceloggerimpl.cpp, 131 [INFO] Using log file: 'C:/Users/SEERSTE2/Documents/RobotStudio/Solutions/Solution42/Virtual Controllers/IRB_1100_4kg_0.47m_1/internal/CtrlData/INST.LOG'.
e:\agents\4\_work\7\s\s97.01.installermanager\1.0.x\licensemanager\licensemanager.cpp,1120,[ERROR]: File '' certificate could not be validated, status = -5. 
e:\agents\4\_work\7\s\s97.01.installermanager\1.0.x\licensemanager\licensemanager.cpp,684,[ERROR]: Validation of file '' failed, status = -205
e:\agents\4\_work\7\s\s97.01.installermanager\1.0.x\dpmanager\dpmanagersysinstall.cpp,1559,[ERROR]: Failed to add file 'Licenses/', status = -205.
e:\agents\4\_work\7\s\s97.01.installermanager\1.0.x\dpmanager\dpmanagersysinstall.cpp,947,[ERROR]: Error occurred when handling license, status = -1. 
Installation has been finished, status = -103.
2020-12-03 12:18:29 General


  • RW 7.XX is for omnicore controller, is that what you have?  Or IRC5?
    Lee Justice
  • I want to setup a Virtual OmniCore controller and an IRB 1100 robot
  • I downloaded 2020.2 today to try to confirm or deny any problem.  I did not get the errors that you posted, but it still did not work for me.  This is what the output window shows:

    Lee Justice
  • Hello,
    Also uninstall rw7.04 and install 7.05.
    It will, somewhat confusingly, appear as 7.04 when you try to create a system.
    The error message lemster86 is getting is due to some license issue with the 7.04 version that is fixed for 7.05

    Nils Olofsson
    PC Software Support Engineer