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Force control-Servo lag limit exceeded- Emergency stop

I am working with integrated force control on a IRB6700 IRC5 with SafeMove 2 on it. When I try to activate force control and teach the robot by guiding it by hand it responds, but after a small distance of movement emergency stop is trigged. In the Teach pendent it says "Safety controller Servo-lag limit exceeded"

It is the same when I run the force control program , it starts to adjust to the forces but stops after certain distance of movement in the programmed when the force control is active. 

What is the problem?

Should anything in the safety configuration changed ? Like Contact force Application?


  • Is your loaddata correct? Are you calling it with FCCalib prior to starting FCPress1LStart? 
  • I identified the mass and center of inertia for the tool and used it in the LoadData. FCCalib is used to load the mass and inertia before FCPress1LStart.

    But even without a tool on the robot, the robot robot goes into emergency stop after responding to external forces for a degree of movement. 
  • Did the system run fine before and is now not working or has it never been run successfully? If the latter is true, I would suspect something is wrong with the configuration of the sensor.Check out the configuration of your Force Control sensor in the Motion category of the configuration panel.