RobotStudio 2020 free issues

Hello I'm trying to get the free robot studio on my home computer yet when i go to the request trial page it doesn't have the 2020 special offer listed. Please help as the free days remaining are ticking away.


  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    There are less than 30 days remaining to this year, seems like a moot point.
    Lee Justice
  • Yes maybe moot. but I need it for like 2 hours and I can fix so many of the problems we're having. So as long as there's one day left I'm still asking this 
  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    As there are less than 30 days left the original 30 day trial now gives you more days than the 2020 special...