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attaching tool to an adapter

Hello, need help attaching a gripper model to a tool adapter for this Robot Cell Station. Not sure how to do it. When I attempt attaching the gripper is somewhere in mid air.


  • Try right clicking the entire tool assembly > modify > set local origin. 
  • You mean the gripper. because there's no modify option 
  • Yes the gripper. If you get stuck, refer to this video, it helped me in the past.
  • I have referred to that video already, but it doesn't help me because I'm unable to use frame for tcp information 
  • Maxim Riabichev
    edited December 2020
    I have recorded a "quick and dirty" video tutorial based on this problem.

    I make some mistakes but I show how to correct them. Perhaps this can be useful for those who end up making the same mistakes :)

    Edit: Reviewing the video I already see I've made mistake (said something wrong) regarding why the tool was up in the air. It is not because of the Tooldata values, it's because of where it is placed when the mechanism was compiled.
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  • wow thanks for the videos