Poor Graphics on Lenovo P53 laptop

sturnersturner United Kingdom ✭✭
Hi anyone noticing poor graphical performance using the lenovo P53 laptop.
I have updated drivers and switched to discreet graphics in the bios but studio's graphics tare when rotating or panning the view.
Also noted are chequered squares in the graphic view while zooming etc.


  • sturnersturner United Kingdom ✭✭
    improvement seen when changing the 3D settings in NVIDIA control panel. changed the Antialiasing mode to Enhance the application setting... set to maximum 64X, no taring or chequering of the graphics anymore.
  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Have you also right clicked on the RS desktop icon and selected the high end graphics?

    Lee Justice
  • sturnersturner United Kingdom ✭✭
    My Right click does not include 'Run with graphics processor' options... I guess this is restricted by my company :-(

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