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How to solve" System.ArgumentException" ?

I developed a application with C#, it runs ok with most of the robots.While when I want to read the Eventlog from a 6700 robot which provide to Volkswagen.The applicatoin throws an error like this: :'(
   System.ArgumentException: ---> System.ArgumentException: Cannot parse input: _VW
   at RobotStudio.Services.RobApi.Internal.Unpack.UnpackProperties(String str)
   at RobotStudio.Services.RobApi.RobEventLog.ParseMessage(String str)
   at RobotStudio.Services.RobApi.RobEventLog.<>c__DisplayClass5_0.<GetMessages>b__1(String s)
   at RobotStudio.Services.RobApi.Internal.CollectionHelper`1.<>c__DisplayClass0_0.<GetItems>b__0(TaskCompletionSource`1 tcs, List`1 _)
   at RobotStudio.Services.RobApi.Internal.TaskUtils.<>c__DisplayClass0_0`1.<Run>b__0()

   at Adapters.EventLog.GetMessages(Int32 startSequenceNumber)
   at Internal.EventLog.UpdateInternalLog(Int32 domainId)
   at Internal.EventLog.UpdateMessages(Int32 category, LinkedList`1 dest)
   at ABB.Robotics.Controllers.EventLogDomain.EventLogCategory.get_Messages()
   at ABBmsg.ABBmsgcollect.entrance(Object systemid)
Hope someone can help ,really appreciate.


  • It seems like the SDK is giving you a System.Argument exception, I found a better description of this error handler in the Application Manual for the Robot Application Builder.

    I am not an expert on building applications with the FlexPendant SDK, but after doing some research I found some other individuals who received this error in .NET Framework when trying to use a string to parse an integer that doesn't actually contain an integer. You could check this with Int.TryParse

    You also might find this useful, it describes best practices when it comes to handling exceptions. 

    Best of luck. 
  • Dear xerim,
    Thanks for your comment.I develop this application by PC SDK, if you have interests to continue this issue research ,you can find the code in attached file.
    This error comes from the SDK processing one kind of data(event log), the application runs normally with other robots, but not for this robot belongs to Volkswagen factory.I doubt that ABB's sdk didn't cover this situation, I'm not sure, I send this problem to forum admin ,hope he can give me an answer.
  • Hello Leon,

    Please contact your local ABB with this issue.

    Thank you.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer