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Filming application using IRB4600 - Regarding tool movement.

Hi there,

I've been using my IRB4600 for filming purpose, for almost 2 years now. I've been looking for / trying commands using FlexPendant, to move my tool in automatic mode (which is a 15kg camera with lens) in the way that it starts softly at first, reach 100% speed then slow down softly. I've tried Accset with different settings, combining Z50 to Z200, but the result varies from time to time.
I have an external motor attached to my robot (MU80 motor) and sometimes the robot needs to wait for that motor to complete the rotation, robot stops then move. I don't know how to overcome this part, so I decided to reduce the rotation angle of that motor and my whole robot gets through that stop-point, which is good in terms of movement but the focusing on my camera lens would be wrong.

I would really appreciate if anybody face the same situation and if you have any hints / commands / adjustments, that would save my life.

So, 1. Soft move/start/stop. 2. External axis motion.