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Creating Data Custom Scope Screen for Screenmaker app

Good Day.

I want to create a tab inside my Screenmaker App for all the Data types of any given loaded module, system or product module, and show all different data type used inside that module and edit or adjust if needed.

I want to use it as it would be used inside the Program Data Window. Change Scope - Select Module - View Data types.

Can anyone please guide me in a direction on how to accomplish that?


  • You'd have to do this as an addition .NET library using the Controller.RapidDomain functions to get all data types in the modules and call it from your screen. Not too sure why you would want to replicate a screen that already exists though?
  • Thank You for your response.

    I created a Screenmaker App for my system to remove the "jumping between screens" with all the most commonly used functions and details when welding. For myself, it is not an issue as I know where to find everything but for other people, who does not know the system like me, it might just be useful to know everything is compacted in one app (screen) on the TP Unit. The managers etc.