C# PC SDK sample (turn on/turn off motors and real time moving control) is needed for ABB IRB 120

g327igorg327igor China
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I need C# PC SDK sample  - turn on/turn off motors and real time moving control for ABB IRB 120
I have found some samples PC SDK
1. "mawkes-pcsdk-873b2f938f89 (Wpf project)" - no good C# snippets and I was not able to find any documentation.
2. "PCSDK_Csharp_BasicScanApp_514 - RAPID variable read write"  - perhaps it is very old or not suitable for ABB IRB 120. It works for short time and on some positions the robot turns on Guard/EmergencyStop, and after this the robot has no reaction on the application.

Please help me to find suitable SDK or some good documentation and snippets for described above. Thank you in advance

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