How to look for program in multiple folders

I whant to organize our program structure better!
Today we have placed them all in the same folder "!program", and i wish to get a better structure in this folder.

Any sugestions how i can make this the best way.


  • jmfjmf South Africa
    What I have done is to split them up into groups if it is possible with your system. I have so many variety parts, side plates, bearing housing, bearing capsules, shafts, so each has their own folder/directory. It makes it easier to know where to go or search if you know what part you are going to do.

  • User1179User1179 Umeå Sweden

    To be more specific about it, how do i make the rutin to check for the program in a subfolder or in all sub folder, if i place them in "Home", i have rapid just checking in "Home" and not in any folder under it.

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