RS2020.3 bug with new HP Reverb G2 VR headset?

HZimmerHZimmer Hamburg
edited December 2020 in RobotStudio

We switched from Oculus Rift S to the recently released HP Reverb G2 VR headset. It seems that the Reverb G2 does not display the correct brightness/contrast/colors in RobotStudio. It looks like someone switched off the lights. This only happens in RobotStudio and not in any of the other applications that we use. Is this something that could be checked or adjusted somehow? Please see attached an image which show the difference. It becomes so dark, especially when looking inside structures that I manually need to place spotlights throughout the station to increase visibility.

Secondly, not all key bindings on the VR controllers seem to be functioning. The small pushbuttons (X and Y) do not raise or lower your viewpoint. Is there any way to check/bind them in RobotStudio? Through the Windows VR portal I confirmed that the buttons work but they are somehow not transmitted to RobotStudio. The triggers and thumbsticks work normally.


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