Problem With Add-In

Hello everyone,
I'm facing problem with robotstudio Add-in. I need to install RobotWare in order to use controller but when i go in Add-in tab i get this error message:
"Failed to contact the server. You need an active internet connection to use this feature".
Of course my connection work fine and RobotStudio has access to internet connection so i have no idea how to solve this.
I had the free license for the 2020 and it didn't work (same error) and same error with the 30 days trial license i have just activated.
Anyone can help me?
Here's the picture


  • xerim
    Try this same process on a different computer, sounds like an issue with your specific machine. 
  • kfundarek
    I have the same problem. I have RobotStudio installed on a corporate network computer. I have had my IT department remote in several times. We dont see any applications blocking internet access and cannot get to the root of the problem. Anyone else figure this out? is it possible to download the virtual controllers from the ABB website and then install them?
  • patgadget
    I had the same issue, I fixed it by turning my proxy OFF
    This can append on a corporate network computer
    Turn OFF the Proxy in:
    Windows / Settings / Proxy OFF