trigger num/dnum

Is it possibile to set a num variable at the middle of the corner path?
With TriggJ/MoveJGo instructions I can only set DO/GO.

Other idea is to use MoveLSync but I can't use procedure with argument



  • Maybe I am misunderstanding, but why can't you use MoveLSync? It allows you to trigger a procedure, just like this:

    MoveLSync p2, v1000, z30, tool2, "my_proc;"

    The proc could be as simple as setting your num/dnum to your desired value. 
  • I would like to give some positions a number with is triggered in the point (without stopping robot)

    If I use:
    MoveLSync p2, v1000, z30, tool2, "my_proc;"
    I need to create as much procedures as points.
    The solution could be to call procedure with argument:
    MoveLSync p2, v1000, z30, tool2, "my_proc(55) ;"

    Proc my_proc(num number)

    But this doesn't work.

  • Check out triggiosdnum in the Technical Reference Manual  page 1711
  • It wouldn't work. 
    According to the manual:
    triggiosdnum is used to define conditions and actions for setting a digital output signal, a group of digital output signals or an analog output signal at a fixed position along the robot’s movement path.

    The only solution what I see is to create Virtual GO and use MoveJGO 
  • xerim
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    I think you can convert analog output signals to a number.

    VAR num my_num;