How to use StepBwdPath to pause the program with a backwards movment.

Dear All,

Here is my problem. The robot is executing a certain path in a task T_ROB1. No matter the position, by receiving a digital input let’s say “DI1” I need the robot to stop as soon as possible keeping the path. (I am using Stop/quick) to next move backwards, let’s say 2mm on the path to finally stop and wait for DI1 to be off again (0) and then restart the robot on the same path. In other words, I need a program pause with a backwards movement rather than a simple stop and restart.

The way I see it seems obvious using the instruction StepBwdPath. I tried to implement it by monitoring the signal DI1 in a TRAP routine but it fails receiving the error stating that StepBwdPath needs to be in a handler routine.  Unfortunately, the manual gives a simplistic example(below) which do not contextualize the routine.

         StepBwdPath 30, 1;

         StepBwdPath 30, 1;

         The first instruction moves backwards 30 mm. The second instruction moves backwards 30 mm further.

Can someone give me a simple example on how to solve my problem?  Thank you All. Cheers, Sergio.


  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    I have never used the StepBwdPath command - looking in the manual is says the command must be used in a Restart event routine.
    This means you configure the the system parameter 'event routine' (in the controller topic) to run your user created routine (which would have the StepBwdPath command and any other logic required in it) on restart. 

    The restart could be initiated by the system input start for example.
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