EGM ERROR 50452: External Motion Interface cyclic error

Dear Sirs,

We are trying to test EGM path correction function implemented by our 
Laser Vision camera.

Unfortunately we get:

EGM 50452: External Motion Interface cyclic error

When we send path correction messages of the type:

header {
  seqno: 1
  tm: 343434
pathCorr {
  pos {
    x: 0.0
    y: 0.0
    z: 0.0
  age: 157

pos.x is 0.0
pos.y in the range -17.0 + -17.0 mm;
pos.z in the range 50. -70.  mm;


  • xerim
    edited January 2021
    Do you have any other communication or sensor errors? In the manual, it describes probable causes for this error as:

     "Communication with the External Motion Interface input source, for example a sensor or other device, has failed."