Event Log

Hi all. i have questions.
_____is possible create new category in Event Log?
Now is here: common, operational,system,hardware,program,motion,io and communications,user,safety,internal,proces,configuration,rapid and connectedServices. is possible create new category , i dont know "Test1".? 

_____How i can write to him something?
(for example.: I create new function on programable key 4. if is function used i need log.(date,time,value))

Actual situation is that, i have very more errors in log file type: motors on state,configuration parameters changed,sensor proces missing .....and so on.
i need one log category only for this prog keys 4 function.

_____ Is possible anywhere sellection which info must be in log file and which ingo not?
If yes,where,how... :smiley:  

Thank for help.
Nice day.


  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    1.   No new category.  2.  Write to the user log.  Programmable keys will turn outputs off or on, you would need a Trap routine connected to the state change of the output assigned to p4.  in that trap, use ErrWrite instruction you can read up in the Instructions, Functions and Datatypes manual.
    Lee Justice
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