Physics with Cable simulation

msalminen Finland ✭✭
I have cable and ring where the cable should go through. In simulation the cable drops off from the ring very easily. How can I make the cable stay in/hrough the ring?
Ring have physics behavior set either to fixed or Kinematics.

Also How can I make cable even more stiff than "Stiff Hose" setting. Cable is now too flexible for my case.



  • Joerg_5
    Joerg_5 Hannover, Germany
    I think the physics engine is just discrete event driven and not continuous. It is updating in time intervals. There is an option how often this happening. You have to try different values to get a sufficient result. 
    Joerg Vogel
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover
    IRB120 - RW5.61- IRC5 compact