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Omnicore increment jogging bug

I activate increment step in the jogging view, and then changing view to code.
When I return back to jogging view the selected increment step is None but the robot is still jogging with increment active. 

Any solutions for this as the customer finds this very confusing. 
Systemintegrator - Web / C# / Rapid / Robotstudio

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  • For me the increment jogging only works when using the jog menu at the right side of the screen. In the jog app it's impossible to change step size. The new FlexPendant is a joke.

    Swedish freelance ABB robot programmer
  • Hello guys,

    The most constructive way forward is to contact your local ABB contact and report all issues you are facing with the OmniCore Flexpendant.

    Thank you.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer