Missing functionalities in OmniCore App SDK 1.0

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I did not find some functionalities in new OmniCore App SDK.
In "old" Flexpendant SDK, there is namespace ABB.Robotics.Controllers.MotionDomain, where it's possible to get and set for example current activated workobject and tool for jogging and current position reference. Also I did not find way to read out current position from robot.
Also I'm missing handy functionalities to open Flexpendant internal existing dialogs, like data edit (TpsForms.FpRapidData()) and calibration dialogs (TpsForms.FpWorkObjectCalibration(), TpsForms.FpToolCalibration()).

Is there any known plans to add those functionalities? Or is there any hidden workaround to implement it?

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  • Fritz
    Would this  one work also within teach pendant application?
    curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics "http://localhost/rw/motionsystem/mechunits/ROB_1/robtarget?tool=tool0&wobj=wobj0&coordinate=Base"

  • Nils Olofsson
    Yes it should. The omnicore screen is basically just a client to the webserver hosted on the controller. So everything you can do with RWS, you can do with the omnicore teach pendant. The Omnicore APP SDK is basically just a library of predefined functions/tools that interact with RWS. 

    I am moving this thread over to the Developer Tools topic

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  • Fritz
    Is there anybody out there, who can help to put together HTTP(S) GET statement in javascript?
    It should look something like this:

    var myHeaders = new Headers();
    myHeaders.append("Accept", "application/json");
    myHeaders.append("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded;v=2.0");

    var requestOptions = {
      method: 'GET',
      headers: myHeaders,
      redirect: 'follow'

    fetch("https://developercenter.robotstudio.com/rw/motionsystem/mechunits/ROB_1/robtarget?tool=tool0&wobj=wobj0&coordinate=World", requestOptions)
      .then(response => response.text())
      .then(result => console.log(result))
      .catch(error => console.log('error', error));

    Unfortunately I am not very familiar with http messaging. Therefore asking help.
    Instead of "developercenter.robotstudio.com" there should be some internal address (and port?) used between controller and Flexpendant.
    What is it or how to read it out?
    I'm not sure also about all header options.