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Execute routine with system input "Interrupt".

Is it somehow possible to execute interrupt routine without Motors On ?
Routine does not contain any motion instructions.
Controller is OmniCore with RW 7.1 (unfortunately without multitasking licence).

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  • Fritz
    Answer ✓
    Final conclusion for now: this interrupt can not be called without setting Motors On first. Tested it even with multitasking system with static and semistatic non-motion tasks - same result - no procedudure execution without Motors On.


  • The system parameter manual does not specifically state motors on or not, just try it and let us all know.
    Lee Justice
  • I wouldn't ask if I haven't tried. Works only with Motors On.
    I did try in simulator. On weekend I can recheck it on real hardware. But I do not think it's different.
    In OmniCore pendant it's possible to activate some kind of "Non motion execution". I did not find any information about it in manuals. But testing did show that it does not affect interrupt behaviour.
    Has anybody expierience with this?