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Communication status with DSQC 2000 Q-Track module

Hello everyone,
I have application with PickMaster and two FlexPicker robots which are using DSQC 2000 Q-Track module as conveyor tracking.

The question is:
How can I check the status of ethernet communication between the robot controller and DSQC 2000 Q-Track module? Are there some internal signals which inform controller that communication with this module is ok? Two robots controllers are connected with Q-Track module using WAN sockets and external switch.
Checking errors during running task is probably not possible because I can't run robot program if there is no communication with Q-Track module.

On last weekend I had a problem that IRC5 lost communication with Q-Track module and I had to check the error on Flexpendant. I would like to get this information as signal to controller and place on HMI panel.

Thank you for any reply.