RobotStudio on Virtual Machine

dreds Italy ✭✭
I didn't found this topic.
I've licensed RS on VMWare/Windows 10 Guest, on Linux Host.
Everything is working, creation and test of complete cell.
Unfortunately simulation are extremely slow.
There are specific setting or configuration that could I use to speed up simulation ?
Thanks, D.
Bye Davide Rossi


  • Joerg_5
    Joerg_5 Hannover, Germany
    I am just guessing. If you turn off as much of the physical environment as possible, the engine must not test physical interaction of parts anymore. I think, that the engine is perhaps not clever enough to identify zones of action and zones of static very well. If the engine tests every intercourse with every part it gets really fast that run speed is slowing down.  
    Joerg Vogel
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover
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  • I would check if VMware tools is correctly installed.

    Also, if 3D graphics option is enabled, and if Display scaling is disabled.