ProfiSAFE configuration

So I'm configuring ProfiSAFE now the first time. Post signals are ok, but how to configure signals from Safety PLC to controller? I like to have two signals Emergency stop and teh operator door status. Estop I can maybe do in SafeMove stop configurations but how should I work/define that operator door/cell area ok to robot?


  • xerim
    Have you taken a look at the Application Manual - PROFINET Controller/Device with IO Configurator? I think the answer to your question is in there. 
  • czagawara
    Hi there,
    I'm PLC guy, I did many safety system on ingerated safety PLC's. Now I have task to do this with robot ( this is the first time ) 
    I have the same problem, SDO and SDI working fine , however when I go to SafeMove I see IO configurator grey out and not possible to add signbals whihc I wan to use them only for "Stop Configuration".
    Can someon help ?