mu200 motors workig

I am using a 2 robot and 2 external axis system, 
It is configured in such a way that 2  tasks, each having one robot and I motor, 
now when I call the robot in the program and give 7.3 as the mechanical unit value it is going a rotation, how can I configure to go one rotation for value 1. 
(I am giving the values in the robtarget external axis values) 
also, it is currently working as an absolute system( if it completes 5 rotations in a program if the program is called again the motor will go 5 rotations back and start the program. can i avoid this and keep the current position as the zero position or how can i give incremental values rather than absolute values).


  • xerim
    edited February 11
    ABB motor or non ABB motor? How did you define your baseframe for your external axis? Have you tried using IndReset() to prevent the motor from "resetting" itself?