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Wondering why my external axis data goes into the wrong place when I synchronize to Rapid?

When I synchronize all the external axis data looks like this [0,0,90,20, 9E+09, 9E+09] and I have to convert it using a text editor to look like this [9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,90,20,9E+09].

My understanding was ( [9E+9,9E+9,9E+9,9E+9,9E+9,9E+9] = [Logical Axis 7, Logical Axis 8, Logical Axis 9, Logical Axis 10, Logical Axis 11, Logical Axis 12] )

 So I went to RAPID>Motion>Joint> and then changed the logical Axis from :

Name Logical Axis  

M1DM2 9

M2DM2 10

M7DM1 7

M7DM1 8 

to what you see below . Once I did that I could  not get the robot to move to any position unless it was a MoveAbsJ (with wjob0) . And even then it says Logical axis 11 has no value. I'm still learning so layman's terms is appreciated. 

Thanks Chris Davison   



  • Are you activating your mechanical unit with ActUnit() in your program? 
  • Yes I am. I'm not sure if its relevant but on RS the unit is called dcgauche and on the actual robot its called STN2
  • Do the coordinates for the external axis in the linear jog tool in RS match that in the FlexPendant? 
  • Sorry but I'm not sure how to check that to be honest.