Pickmaster gripper rotation problem

Hello all,

I'm having a problem with two IRB360 robots controlled by Pickmaster.
I have defined an angle of -90 to 90 degrees on the vision model and for the majority of the times
the robots pick all the pieces well, but then, suddently the gripper rotates too much which causes
a stoppage due to joint load too high (the pneumatic cables get twisted on the gripper).
The thing is that it can happen two times in a day as it can happen 2 times within an hour.
We are talking about 2000 picks per hour distributed for the two robots.
So, for the majority of the times the gripper rotates only the 90 degrees for each side,
which is exactly what I pretend, but sometimes it happen to rotate more than that (180 or more)
which is creating me a problem.
I am using the SingArea and the ConfL instruction, please see below:

  PROC Pick(num Index)
  SETDO actBlow1,0;
SingArea \Wrist;
ConfL \On;
      IF Index > 0 THEN
 GetItmTgt ItmSrcData{Index}.ItemSource,PickTarget;
          GripLoad ItemLoad;
          TriggL RelTool(PickTarget.RobTgt,0,0,-ItmSrcData{Index}.OffsZ),LowSpeed,ItmSrcData{Index}.Ack,z40,PickAct1\WObj:=WObjPick;
 WaitTime 0.5;
          ErrWrite "Missing item distribution", "Cannot pick because no item distribution contains current work area." \RL2:="Please check configuration";

Does anybody has any idea of what's happening and how to fix this? Thank you in advance for your help.


  • You can set the max rotation of each axis by modifying the motion parameters on the controller. If you click the menu in the top left, then Control Panel>Configuration>Topics>Motion>Arm>Show All you will be able to modify the max limits of each axis. The values are in radians, so you will have to convert from degrees.