replacement motor returns error 50204 motion supervision

darrenuk Skipton N Yorkshire
I replaced a motor due to the resolver being faulty .Calibrated and runs fine in manual but shows 50204 fault when started in auto , The spare looks to have been dropped at some time . Do i need to tune the new motor or just get another. Could i put the old one in with the resolver from the spare or does the resolver have to be set at siemens first as i suspect .


  • Which model of robot? There is extensive documentation of the process of replacing a motor in the Product Manual. This manual is for the IRB 7600, but I am sure you can find the right one for your model. 
  • darrenuk
    darrenuk Skipton N Yorkshire
    The robot is type IRB6400r   2004,   Have had a look at the motor and the resolver looks to have been moved around 4 degrees .Its not as smooth turning as the old motor when i released the brake but  I have another motor on its way so will try that first. I used an 18v dewalt drill battery to power off the brake and it worked well.
  • Make sure your new resolver is an ABB approved resolver, otherwise reliable operation is not guaranteed.

  • graemepaulin
    graemepaulin New Zealand mod
    The resolvers now come pre-set on the motors.
    Way back you used to have set them up and the procedure was detailed in the manual, but now you change out the whole motor.
    We have had companies mark up the resolver position when they disassembled the motor to change the bearings and it did not run at all, or had no torque/power on reassembly.....
  • darrenuk
    darrenuk Skipton N Yorkshire
    2nd motor fine so all ok now .