Project with robot follower

Good morning,

I'm developing a projcet for an exam, the main objective is to move an IMU (conncted to an arduino) and replicate the same movement on a robot (IRB 120). To simulate this i'm using robotstudio and to acquire the data from the sensor i'm using matlab.The communication will be done using a TCP/IP socket with matlab as client and robotstudio as server, i'll send a string with the 3 parameter of [X,Y,Z] and i want to move the robot following this parameter. Can someone help me or give me some advice on which instruction to use to move the robot based on my vector?


  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    MoveL, MoveJ  But there are more components of a Robtarget data type, you will need to supply those other components, too.  Read up on in the instructions, functions and datatypes manual.
    Lee Justice
  • Dan97
    Dan97 Bergamo
    Ok thanks! I’ll read up the manual and if I won’t be able to push forward I’ll write again