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Hello everyone,

What command do I have to use (within Rapid) to display an info box on the Flexpendant, which has to be accepted with an "OK"?

I want to start the programm routine and then on the bottom row there should be a possibilty to click on "Information". By doing so there should pop out an info box with a text block. Basically, after reading the content of this info message, clicking "OK" should bring you back to the main menu of the programm routine.

How can I implement this function? Looking for advice :smile:

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  • Robot_Germany25
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    I could not test it yet, but the way you described it sounds promising! Thank you
    I also read the manual and the TPReadFK command gives the layout I was looking for


  • Maxim Riabichev
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    Hello there,

    Perhaps TPWrite could do what you're looking for?
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    Maxim Riabichev
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  • jmf
    Try TPReadFK. 

    VAR num nShaft;
    TPReadFK nShaft,"SELECT","Information","","","","Continue";
    TEST nShaft
    CASE 1:
         ! Your information here
         GOTO lSelect;
    CASE 2:
         ! Continue with your movements

  • Thank you so much! I will try it out :smile:

  • jmf
    The GOTO and Label function is not a very "clean" way of programming but it just gives you an idea of how it will work. Maybe check if you can use another way around the GOTO and Label function. I like the GOTO and Label function in some of my routines but it might not be for you.