SoftMove Orient configuration

When you setup Softmove with CSSAct you are able to configure the orient with the option \RefOrient to adjust the reference frame. Do you need to use this if you are already adjusting the reference orient using pDispSet?
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  • PDispSet involves translating or rotating the ProgDisp coordinate system in relation to the object coordinate system, while the \RefOrient argument for CSSAct orients the frame in relation to the tool coordinate system.
  • manews
    manews Australia
    Thank you Xerim. So does that mean even if we were to use CSSAct with the \RefFrame:=CSS_REFFRAME_WOBJ switch, we would still need to use the matching orients in \RefOrient (from the PDispSet command) to align the Program Displacement and the soft move co-ordinate systems?
  • I don't think you need to use them together, then again I don't know what you are trying to achieve. PDispSet will offset your entire program from the object coordinate system while the \RefOrient will adjust the coordinate system the soft direction is related to. I would experiment with using one and then using both and then post the results in here so we can all learn from your trials.