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Save and use station from server location

We're recently using RobotStudio and wonder if there are possibilities to save and use a station on a server, with the goal that multiple users can use the same station from different computers.
Is this possible at all? We've tried unpacking a P&G at the server, but then we can only load it from the PC where it is unpacked. 
Thanks in advance for your answers!


  • Maxim Riabichev

    RobotStudio doesn't support this type of shared workflow at this time.

    Others have solved this problem by "checking out" the latest P&G from a server (via FTP or other means) and during that time no one else can work on it until it is returned to the server (as a new P&G).

    One could also split the station up into multiple parts which are in the end combined into one station. For example, someone can work on a tool (saved as rslib when done and imported into the final station), someone else can work on the RAPID-code (which can be split up in different modules) and someone else can work on the layout, and so on.

    Those are the two ways that come to mind.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer