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Where are calibration values stored?


I have an IRC5 robot with a 2 axis external positioner (IRBPA 750), and I am attempting to create a Virtual Controller/station from this setup. When I create the station, the ext axis calibration values (position and orientation relative to Wobj0) are incorrect. These values do not seem to transfer properly with the backup. 

AFAIK the only time these values show up, is after I calibrate the external axis. I don't want to run through a calibration again, I just want to read the current values. Does anyone know where these are stored?


  • Navigate to the calibration menu on the FlexPendant and select "Base Frame," then press "4 points Z..." There is a tab on the bottom labeled "Positions" which will allow you to load or save calibration data. 
  • Okay, so when I go to to Base Frame, 4 Points, and select "Positions" the "save" option is greyed-out. The system has for sure been calibrated before. Any ideas why the save option would not be available?
  • Are there values present in the 4 point calibration menu? When trying this on my virtual controller I noticed that the "save" option does not appear unless all 5 points in the 4 point calibration menu have data. 
  • hmmm.... no I don't see any values there. In the main calibration menu, the system shows that the external axis (STN1) is calibrated though.
  • do these values only appear immediately after performing a new calibration?
  • Yes, it appears that this tool has been designed only to save values immediately after calibration. I am unaware of a way to load the calibration values if they weren't saved after calibration, maybe someone else has an answer for this? 
  • Well, thanks for your assistance. Hopefully someone knows the answer to this.
  • The baseframe and fine calibration offsets are saved in the motion configuration file (moc.cfg).

    So after creating your virtual controller you should restore a backup from your real controller into it - this will bring across all the "calibration" values.