EGMStreamStart \SampleRate argument has no effect

mkatliar Warsaw
edited March 8 in RAPID Programming
I use EGM Position Stream to obtain real-time robot pose information. I initialize it as follows:

EGMGetId egm_id_position_stream_0;
EGMSetupUC ROB_1, egm_id_position_stream_0, "default", "EddieEgm0", \Joint;
EGMStreamStart egm_id_position_stream_0, \SampleRate:=16;

The EGM manual says:
Data type: num
Input data reading sample rate in multiples of 4 milliseconds. Valid values are 4,
8, 12, 16, etc.

Despite I specify \SampleRate:=16, the robot sends EGM data at 250Hz (i.e. at 4ms interval instead of 16ms). It happens for both RobotStudio and the real robot.

RobotWare version:

Why is this and how to fix it?