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KlausKlaus Denmark ✭✭

RS 5.08 sometime export the modul with wrong syntax.

I can simulate the program on VC flexpendant but get error when load the program in the real controller. The error is in line 4 where %%% is.

If i open the module in notepad it is on line. It seams that the CR is missing. In RS programming the lines with %%% is there a red line under but the program works offline. Please help NOW.

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Klaus Soenderhegn


  • DaBotDaBot United States
    I believe this has to do with the issue noted in Topic: RS 5.08.  When exporting a module it should be opened for editing and saved by RSOnline before being put on the machine. The RS editor does not save in the proper format. A test would be to open in notepad, then turn word wrap off then back on.  If the text doesn't realign properly then it is the issue with the RS editor. 
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