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I am trying to figure out how to make this mechanism in RobotStudio and I cannot figure it out.  Wanted to see if anybody has done some thing like this and could help me. I have included picture of the mechanism and the library file of it so you can modify it and try and make it work




  • Joerg_5
    Joerg_5 Hannover, Germany
    Please, try to find videos on Youtube for smart components and tools. 
    Joerg Vogel
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover
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  • DavidLanham
    DavidLanham United States ✭✭
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    thanks for the comment, but I am not sure what Smart Components and tools are going to do for me?  I am trying to create a mechanism.  I know that I could probably use Smart Components to move individual axis of each link that I create, but there has to be a way to do this a mechanism.  I mean the robots have the same kind of mechanism in the base for the counter balance cylinder that they use.

  • Here's a video that might be helpful for you
  • David,

    Can you provide more information about swivel-points and degrees of freedom?

    Then I'll have a go at it.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer