Modify tool mass properties and TCPs

edited March 2021 in Developer Tools
Hi everyone,

I have writen my program with a custom tool and now I want to repeat it but adding mass properties to the tool (to compare speed, acceleration or time cycle differences). However, I can't manage to find an option to edit the previous tool I was using so far. ¿Is there and option to edit the tool or should I just import it again?

Thanks in advance.


  • Have you created tool data for the current tool?
    It should appear in the list in the home tab as below.

    Right click on it and select edit ToolData (about halfway down the list).
    If no tooldata is present you create one by right click on the highlighted ToolData header and click create ToolData. 
  • Found it! It has a different name in Spanish ("Objeto de trabajo") which got me confused. Thanks!